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Managing Partner / Creative Director

Neil Perry

Neil is a successful entrepreneur, a brand marketer, a terrific writer and director, and an all-around good guy! The majority of Neil’s career was at McDonald’s where he spent nearly 25 year at the corporate center managing key marketing department positions. After a stint with Monster.com, Neil started Poptent, a crowdsource video production company that had produced hundreds of videos for top companies like Anheuser-Busch, Procter & Gamble, Unilever, Yamaha, and other category leaders.
Neil began creating Explainer Videos with Bill Goldsmith and his company back in 2016. Since then, Neil has written and directed over 50 explainer videos.
Neil Perry, Partner and Creative Director
Bill Goldsmith, Principal and Founder

Bill Goldsmith


Bill Goldsmith and his production company created the formula for his proprietary Gold Standard Explainer video. These animated and live action videos are designed to effectively and concisely deliver a memorable message.

Bill passed away in 2021, but his legacy lives on with Neil Perry Associates.

Production Managers profile illustration

Production Managers

A dedicated Project Manager will guide your video through the production process.

Creative Directors profile illustration

Creative Directors

Top Creatives will design your compelling message and story.

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Script Writers

Our Script Writers will take your story and mold it into a succinct, effective communication.

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The Illustration team will create unique characters and scenes to portray your story.

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Animators and Sound Engineers

Your story is then put into motion by skilled Animators while our best Sound Engineers will add amazing music, sound effects, and your professional voiceover.

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